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Permanent Jewelry

Design matching permanent jewelry with your best friends and/or family members!

forever jewelry Leesburg VA
Permanent Jewelry Leesburg

Our Chains

14K Solid Gold

Permanent Bracelets Starting at $99

Gold Filled

Permanent Bracelets Starting at $49

Sterling Silver

Permanent Bracelets Starting at $49

Our process

Permanent Jewelry Virginia
Step 1. Choose from our 14K solid gold, 14K gold filled, and sterling silver chain options.
Permanent Jewelry VA
Step 2. Pick your bracelet, anklet or necklace! Then, we fit and measure the chain to your liking.
Permanent Jewelry Virginia Leesburg
Step 3. Get “sparked” & make it permanent! Next step, show it off to all your friends & family!

Our Pricing

forever bracelet near me
Bracelets – Starting at $49
forever bracelet near me
Anklets – Starting at $69
Permanent Jewelry Virginia
Necklaces – Starting at $99
Gold filled permanent bracelet. Permanent Jewelry.

Most Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing when we attach your jewelry. The spark you see is simply a result of the chain fusion process. We also have measures in place to protect your eyes and skin during the process.

Is the permanent chain on me forever?

No, you can easily remove your jewelry with scissors or wire cutters. Just be sure to cut off the welded jump ring, not the chain itself, when removing it. This way, we can reattach the chain or add a clasp when you’re ready.

What if I have to take off the chain for a medical procedure?

To remove your welded jewelry, simply cut the jump ring off with sharp scissors or wire cutters. Be sure to keep the chain safe, and when you’re ready to have it reattached, reach out to us. We’ll be happy to reattach your bracelet free of charge.

Can I get permanent jewelry if I have a metal allergy?

Unfortunately, we recommend individuals with metal allergies not get any type of permanent jewelry.

How long does it take to get a permanent bracelet?

The process typically takes about 15 minutes for one bracelet. The main focus of the appointment is selecting the style and ensuring proper fitment. The actual welding process only takes a few seconds.

Do you have a physical shop?

We are currently only doing Pop up events and private parties at the moment. We will let you know when we open our physical location.

I want to book a party but don’t have 5 people.

We ask that the smaller party be willing to purchase 5 pieces of jewelry, which is the same amount that a standard party would purchase.

Will my jewelry set off metal detectors?

No, this has been personally tested with our chains.